Qyshinsu: Mystery of the Way

Welcome to my second original collection of classic strategy entitled Qyshinsu : Mystery of the Way. This edition includes an enriched narrative and storyline that will provide timeless moments of challenge and intrigue.

Qyshinsu is the second chapter of a sacred journey told through the eyes of a fictional traveler named Hakummar. He travels to a far away land in search of the legendary Master Qy. Along his way, he encounters a mysterious herbalist named Li. She assists him on his sojourn as he discovers the secrets that lie within the ancient practice known as Qyshinsu.

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New Website & Game

New website and game coming in May 2016!

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The Challenge of Qyshinsu

It’s been almost a year since I’ve released my 2nd original classic strategy game, “Qyshinsu: Mystery of the Way”. As I continue to work on the strategy guide, due out this May, I can’t help but wonder as to my role in relation to my games after they have been created. While I do provide guidance into learning how to play Qyshinsu to those I’ve come in contact with, I realized that it is crucial for me to share my insights into learning how to play well. Read the rest

Coming in 2009

There are many projects underway for 2009. Some of these include the release of my 3rd game, the Qyshinsu strategy guide, and something about the iPhone 🙂

As more information becomes available. I will update the site accordingly. Thanks for visiting.

Qyshinsu: Zillions of Games version

I’d like to thank L.Lynn Smith for developing the “Official” Zillions of Games version of Qyshinsu. The flow is nice and can sometimes prove to be a worthy adversary. For myself, I enjoy exploring the depths of the play and seeing how the computer employs its strategies & tactics.

Download zip file:  Qyshinsu: Zillions version

For those unfamiliar with the Zillions of Games software, you may see more information here – http://www.zillions-of-games.com

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