Zhadu Guidelines – redesigned

For many years, I endeavored to find ways to bring the storyline of Hakummar more to the forefront in Zhadu. Although the original guidelines had a page or two written with a sampling of narrative, it wasn’t enough to really provide a context.

So, in the Fall of 2006, I decided to re-write the entire guidelines from the perspective of the character Hakummar. We learn about Zhadu from his journals and letters. The writing was a new and enlivening experience for me for I had the story inside me for many years and now this was a way to share it. Being an artist at heart, I also took the time to do the graphic design of the entire guidelines as well. This was complimented with an illustration done by a professional fantasy artist, Alan Pollack, whom I worked with to visually bring Hakummar to life.

Only the few people who have acquired Zhadu post Fall of 2006 actually have the new guidelines. For those new to Zhadu and those of you who have acquired Zhadu in the past, you may preview the guidelines here: Zhadu_Guidelines (2.4MB .pdf)

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