Rhythm in the Process

Many years ago, a friend of mine inquired about how I was doing in terms of the designing process for Zhadu. I responded that I felt guilty for I hadn’t put any time and energy into it for at least a month. I told him that my concern was whether or not I had lost my “touch”.

He told me not to worry about about for when I did “step back into” it, Zhadu will be better than it was before. Puzzled by this, I asked him how so. He simply said,”Because you will be better.”

The epiphany of that moment dawned on me for sometime. I realized upon further reflection that there was a “rhythm” to my ‘craft’ or process. A rhythm that I could trust. I had become so attached the idea that the “discipline” of my craft required that I engage the game every single day – i.e. journaling, sketching, etc. There is something to be said for this because the game does need an investment of oneself. But there is another side to flow as well – repose. I looked at this as the silence in-between the notes of a musical piece.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that each one of my games had a particular rhythm to it while I was creating it. Some required a non-stop, up till 3am kinda energy, while others simply continued in more slow and deliberate fashion. One must also cultivate an awareness of the factors in ones life that influence or impact ones ability to ‘surf’ the process. I realized that creating spaces of quiet, inside and out, became part of the work itself.

The challenge at times is knowing when and how to “break” a particular rhythm and change it accordingly. But that is for another discussion 😉

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