Tactics: The Shades_Stone of 2

shades_2s.jpgThere is a phenomenon within Zhadu that has become known as the Shades. A “shade” is a space or spaces that remains hidden from a particular stone while still residing within the range of that stone. This is caused by the very nature of a particular stone’s range of movement and at times due to the presence of other stones.

Only the Stone of 2, Stone of 3, and the Stone of 4 are susceptible to casting a shade depending on where these stones actually reside on the board. The limited range of the Stone of 1 and the diversity of the Open Stone renders both of these stones immune from casting a shade.

The Stone of 2 has been considered a prime example of demonstrating the mystery of the Shades. In the picture above, when the Stone of 2 resides on a space that is adjacent to one or two other angles, those angles are hidden from this stone. Although these spaces reside within the range of this stone, it is unable to move to these spaces in a single turn due to the nature of its movement.

“I was at a loss for words upon seeing how Guhrel’s stone was near to my own but in some ways so far away. Before I could even respond, he whispered , ‘Shades’. I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly. Again, he whispered, ‘Shades’ almost realizing my own uncertainty.” – Hakummar

Shades_Stone of 2In the picture to the right, the Stone of 2 resides on an angle that is adjacent to only one other angle of another triangle. This space as well is hidden from this stone although it resides within this stone’s range of movement.

While the Stone of 2 is formidable in terms of strategies related to the Sharing, it’s potential shortcoming lies in the way in which it casts its Shades. The importance of understanding the nature of the Shades lies in the fact that an empty space(s) is created for which another stone can reside in. This other stone could be ones own thereby securing or protecting the space, or the opponent’s stone.

By its nature, a Shade is neither advantageous or disadvantageous. How one actually is able to utilize them to ones benefit determines the worth therein. In some circumstances, one may wish to cast a shade in order to lure an opponent’s stone to a particular angle. This angle may prove to be beneficial to one in terms of positioning purposes. At other times, one may wish to avoid casting shades altogether thereby not allowing ones opponent any leverage in maneuvering in an unsecured manner.

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