Tactics: The Shades_Stone of 3

While the Stone of 2 is the most prevalent of the stones in casting a Shade, the Stone of 3 is next in line. Where the two differ significantly is that the former casts a shade when it resides on any angle, while the latter only casts a shade when it resides on some angles. It is this uniqueness of the Stone of 3 that provides tactical insights for strategic considerations.

The combination of the Stone of 2 and the Stone of 3 makes for some interesting circumstances regarding the play. Each one can reside in the shade of the other without concern while still being able to threaten the other stone directly.

In the picture above, when the Stone of 3 resides on a space that is adjacent to one or two other angles, these angles that are adjacent to those are hidden from this stone. Although these spaces reside within the range of this stone, it is unable to move to these spaces in a single turn due to the nature of its movement.

“Such is the elusiveness of the Stone of 3 that I had previously not considered. Its power in range is usually its most mentioned attribute, but I realized it is the way it casts its Shades that sets this stone apart from the others.” – Hakummar

In the picture to the right, the Stone of 3 resides on an angle that is adjacent to only one other angle of another triangle. Since this other angle has no additional angles adjacent to it, the Stone of 3 casts no shade when it resides here.

As mentioned with the ‘Stone of 2’, the importance of understanding the nature of the Shades lies in the fact that an empty space(s) is created for which another stone can reside in. This other stone could be ones own thereby securing or protecting the space, or the opponent’s stone.

The Shades of the Stone of 3 are larger in number when this stone resides on an angle near the center of the board. While this is true for the Stone of 2 and the Stone of 4 as well, it is the ability of the Stone of 3 to move a space closer to its own shade without stepping into it directly that makes this stone formidable. In some strategies, the Stone of 3 is maneuvered in a way to lure opposing stones into its shades in order to maneuver to an adjacent angle to the opposing stone on either side.

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