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Zhadu Guidelines – redesigned »

For many years, I endeavored to find ways to bring the storyline of Hakummar more to the forefront in Zhadu. Although the original guidelines had a page or two written with a sampling of narrative, it wasn’t enough to really provide a context. So, in the Fall of 2006, I decided to re-write the entire […]

Not-Two »

In Zen Buddhism, the phrase “not-two” is often used as a suggestive device to highlight the illusionary nature of  “separateness”. What is interesting about this particular phrase is that it affirms, in the negative, the so-called “unity of life.” So rather than say the “oneness” of life, the phrase “not-two” is used instead perhaps to […]

Intention »

As I reflect on the designs of the board and stones for Zhadu, I remember that there was a time when I would methodically develop the reasoning behind everything single aspect of the aesthetics. Every line, angle, and curve was accounted for. I would purposely note why I had chosen this shape, color, material rather […]

Phases »

There are 2 phases of play in Zhadu – the opening phase (the Offering) and the endplay (the Horizon). These phases correspond to the proximity of one remembering the Sharing. The former phase occurring before the first stone is captured by a player and the latter phase occurring after the first stone is captured. Part […]

The Offering »

The 1st phase of the play of Zhadu is known as the Horizon. This occurs before a player has made their first captured stone. The Offering consists of the initial placement of ones stones on the board and the moves before the first capture for a player. There are essentially five groups of opening positions […]