Qyshinsu: Mystery of the Way

Welcome to my second original collection of classic strategy entitled Qyshinsu : Mystery of the Way. This edition includes an enriched narrative and storyline that will provide timeless moments of challenge and intrigue.

Qyshinsu is the second chapter of a sacred journey told through the eyes of a fictional traveler named Hakummar. He travels to a far away land in search of the legendary Master Qy. Along his way, he encounters a mysterious herbalist named Li. She assists him on his sojourn as he discovers the secrets that lie within the ancient practice known as Qyshinsu.

Tags: Qyshinsu | classic strategy
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  1. Many thanks for an elegant game. I have been searching for this for many years. It is a joy to have found it.


    JoshuasCorner | May 19, 2008 | Reply

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