Qyshinsu: Zillions of Games version

I’d like to thank L.Lynn Smith for developing the “Official” Zillions of Games version of Qyshinsu. The flow is nice and can sometimes prove to be a worthy adversary. For myself, I enjoy exploring the depths of the play and seeing how the computer employs its strategies & tactics.

Download zip file:  Qyshinsu: Zillions version

For those unfamiliar with the Zillions of Games software, you may see more information here – http://www.zillions-of-games.com

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  1. Hey Rodney,

    I have just been playing the Zillions Qyshinsu all night … I love this strategy idea it reminds me sometimes of the prefect fifths in music and harmonic symmetry of everything else… You gave me the board for the game last night and now I have to find people to play… if there is a way to set up pbem move a email play let me know I suggest sdg (http://superdupergames.org/) although the draw back is slow response time for their servers… back to the qyshinsu – I just made a Draw with the computer at move 15… simple loop symmetry that the computer could not loop out of and we tied but I need rl people to play .., – I can’t thank you enough for the board it is the best board game I was ever given. email me @ h92o@aol.com I have a few Ideas on how to get out of the looped draws …

    Bill Newbold

    Bill Newbold | Jul 14, 2008 | Reply

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