My vision is to enrich the genre of Classic Strategy with my own unique and original collections. R.F

Rodney A. Frederickson, Master Ludician, was born in 1970. He has been an advent player and creator of games for most of his life. But it wasn’t until 1993, at the request of a mentor to create a special game now known as Zhadu, that this mere pastime transformed into a lifelong vocation. Since that time, he has quietly and tenaciously worked on his original collections which have only been known to a selected few. Although a limited release of Zhadu occurred in 1998 & 2001, it is only now that these unknown collections are being released to the public.

When not ruminating over the relationship between the concept of indefinite integral in Calculus to Yoruba divination rites and pursuing his advanced degree in Philosophy, he enjoys a good game of tag with his 2 children in New Jersey.

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