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New Website & Game »

New website and game coming in May 2016!

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The Challenge of Qyshinsu »

It’s been almost a year since I’ve released my 2nd original classic strategy game, “Qyshinsu: Mystery of the Way”. As I continue to work on the strategy guide, due out this May, I can’t help but wonder as to my role in relation to my games after they have been created. While I do provide […]

Coming in 2009 »

There are many projects underway for 2009. Some of these include the release of my 3rd game, the Qyshinsu strategy guide, and something about the iPhone 🙂 As more information becomes available. I will update the site accordingly. Thanks for visiting.

Qyshinsu: Zillions of Games version »

I’d like to thank L.Lynn Smith for developing the “Official” Zillions of Games version of Qyshinsu. The flow is nice and can sometimes prove to be a worthy adversary. For myself, I enjoy exploring the depths of the play and seeing how the computer employs its strategies & tactics. Download zip file:  Qyshinsu: Zillions version […]