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Zhadu: Pathways »

The simplicity of the Zhadu board design belies a depth and uniqueness in the stones movement. While from first appearance there appear to be eight triangles, there are in fact four places within each one that a stone may reside – near the three corners and the center. “The path you travel are the steps […]

Tactics: The Shades_Stone of 3 »

While the Stone of 2 is the most prevalent of the stones in casting a Shade, the Stone of 3 is next in line. Where the two differ significantly is that the former casts a shade when it resides on any angle, while the latter only casts a shade when it resides on some angles. […]

Tactics: The Shades_Stone of 2 »

There is a phenomenon within Zhadu that has become known as the Shades. A “shade” is a space or spaces that remains hidden from a particular stone while still residing within the range of that stone. This is caused by the very nature of a particular stone’s range of movement and at times due to […]

Zhadu Guidelines – redesigned »

For many years, I endeavored to find ways to bring the storyline of Hakummar more to the forefront in Zhadu. Although the original guidelines had a page or two written with a sampling of narrative, it wasn’t enough to really provide a context. So, in the Fall of 2006, I decided to re-write the entire […]

Phases »

There are 2 phases of play in Zhadu – the opening phase (the Offering) and the endplay (the Horizon). These phases correspond to the proximity of one remembering the Sharing. The former phase occurring before the first stone is captured by a player and the latter phase occurring after the first stone is captured. Part […]