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Qyshinsu: Zillions of Games version »

I’d like to thank L.Lynn Smith for developing the “Official” Zillions of Games version of Qyshinsu. The flow is nice and can sometimes prove to be a worthy adversary. For myself, I enjoy exploring the depths of the play and seeing how the computer employs its strategies & tactics. Download zip file:  Qyshinsu: Zillions version […]

Message from a friend »

I just wanted to share this message I received from someone who had just received their Zhadu a couple of days ago. It’s the little things that truly matter. Rodney–    Thought you’d like to hear this: I was playing Zhadu with a friend at a local diner, and the couple next to us asked […]

A Gathering of Friends »

On Saturday May 17, 2008 I held a gathering for the release of my second original classic strategy collection, “Qyshinsu: Mystery of the Way”. The event was filled with warm regards and fellowship. I am still speechless by the amount of love and support from friends and family who attended. It has truly been a […]

Rhythm in the Process »

Many years ago, a friend of mine inquired about how I was doing in terms of the designing process for Zhadu. I responded that I felt guilty for I hadn’t put any time and energy into it for at least a month. I told him that my concern was whether or not I had lost […]

The Dreaming »

The role of dreams has played a consistent and profound influence on my ‘craft’. The insights derived from these visions have allowed me to open in ways previously unexplored. I’ve since wondered whether the “dreaming” itself continues the more we leave the dream open for interpretation. A way of holding the dream without allowing it […]