Welcome to my second original collection of classic strategy entitled “Qyshinsu : Mystery of the Way.” This edition includes an enriched narrative and storyline that will provide timeless moments of challenge and intrigue.

Qyshinsu is the second chapter of a sacred journey told through the eyes of a fictional traveler named “Hakummar.” At the request of Guhrel, a desert nomad and guide in the ways of Zhadu, Hakummar travels to a far away land in search of the legendary Master Qy. Along his way, he encounters a mysterious herbalist named Li. She assists him on his sojourn as he discovers the secrets that lie within the ancient practice known as Qyshinsu.
The Story

Hakummar travels to a far away land in search of the legendary Master Qy. He makes his way to this land of “many things” via a caravan. Along the way he encounters a host of people, places and sights unlike anything he has come across before. He is besieged by the paradox of being near so much and yet feeling so far away from everything.As he makes his way through a dense forest, he eventually meets a healer named Li. She is an herbalist who frequently provides natural remedies to nearby villages. Hakummar also discovers that she is the key in his sojourn to find Mastery Qy and unlocking the mystery of Qyshinsu.

The Game

Qyshinsu is an original, 2-player classic strategy game. The circular shaped board consists of twelve triangles that contain one space for a stone to reside. Each player is provided with twelve stones each that range in value and attributes.Your intention in Qyshinsu is to “return to the Way”. This occurs when your opponent is unable to place or remove one of their stones.For further exploration into the way Qyshinsu, please download the guidelines below:

Rules (Summary) Qyshinsu Guidelines (Summary) (5.7KB .pdf)
Rules (Full) Qyshinsu Guidelines (Full) (4.5MB .pdf)
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