Welcome to my first original collection of classic strategy entitled Zhadu : Legend of the Sharing. Originally created in 1993, this latest edition includes an enriched narrative and storyline that will provide timeless moments of challenge and intrigue.

Zhadu is the first chapter of a sacred journey told through the eyes of a fictional traveller named Hakummar. By way of his journals and letters, we will slowly unveil the secrets that lie within this ancient practice known as Zhadu.

The Story

Our adventure begins with the sojourn of an apprentice scribe named Hakummar. Due to the travesty of his homeland, he makes his way into the harsh terrain of a vast and empty desert. Alone and without resources, his fortitude slowly succumbs to the unrelenting fury of this fierce wasteland in which he finds himself.

Lost in this ocean of sand, he is discovered by an old nomad named Guhrel. He is given refuge and care by this strange sage of the desert. Hakummar soon learns that there is more to this old man than what appears to be. He discovers that there is a mystery that permeates through those who frequent this barren landscape. An ancient practice spoken in whispers by those who are called to remember. A way that is known as Zhadu.

The Game

Zhadu is an original, 2-player classic strategy game. The diamond shaped board consists of eight triangles that contain four spaces for a stone to reside the center and near the corners. Each player is provided with five stones each that range in size, value and attributes.

Your intention in Zhadu is to Remember the Sharing. This occurs when the sum value of the first and last stone you capture is equal to 4. Any other stones captured beforehand are simply removed and the play continues.

For further exploration into the way Zhadu, please download the guidelines below:

Rules Zhadu_Guidelines (2.4MB .pdf)

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